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Cliquez pour agrandir l'imageMauricette Pinoteau is an enamelist living in Limoges. She specializes in  relief  technique,
she learned this technique at the very famous " Atelier Camille Fauré "in Limoges ,during the 70's .
Mauricette is one of the only two living enamelists  that  studied  with  the  Masters  the secret  of  the  relief  technique.
Today she masters this almost magical style of enameling wich seems to defy the logic of enamelling.
She works and sells her work in her own gallery in the same town of Limoges.

For contact the artist:

Mauricette  Pinoteau

L'Art  Artisanal  Galerie
6 Boulevard  Louis Blanc
87000  LIMOGES  France
Tel:  33  05 55 32 39 67
Fax: 33 05 55 32 39 67

She reads and writes english, but her conversational  english  is  limited.

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Click here : webmaster@m-pinoteau.com

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